Sex Toy For Sale, I Love Being A Living Toy For Hot Couples!

Sex Toy For Sale, I Love Being A Living Toy For Hot Couples!  I use to sell sex toy’s which began my love of them. However, after my divorce I needed more money then I could make just selling the random sex toy.

One day when I was at a PTA meeting one of the other Mother’s approached me. She was actually flirting. I blew her off even though she was pretty it just did not seem like the right time. Later that night though there was a great looking guy pumping gas next to me. We started to chat and it was apparent he was flirting.

He asked if we could exchange numbers and on a whim I did. I really did not expect to hear from him but he called! He did not ask me on a date but instead, he told me he was the husband to the woman who had been hitting on me at the PTA meeting. Shocked I almost hung up when he said, “we would love it if you could be our sex toy”.

A living sex toy to bring to their bedroom.

There was a long pause because I had never had a proposition like this before and I just did not know what to say. He asked if I was still on the line, how about dinner first, I suggested. He agreed and so it began.

At dinner, we all got along great. The couple were extremely attractive, however, they made it clear they just wanted a toy not a third for their relationship.  I understood and found the idea fascinating. They offered to pay me and it dawned on me how much fun this could be and still make money. I agreed.

We went back to their place and true to their word they just wanted me to be their sex toy. After stripping me of my clothes the wife teased and played with my tits and pussy while her husband watched. They did not call me by Simone only ever by my new nickname, Sex Toy.

Yes, I could be a whore!

After a very long time of the wife’s manipulations, her husband came to join the fun. She spread my legs and encouraged him to take my pussy. I could have been nothing more than a sex doll. There was no soft caresses or gentleness. I was only just a sex toy to them. At first, I felt used but then I realized the upside to this. I could be fucked so good and walk away NO STRINGS! Yes, I was a whore, but who the fuck cares.

So the next day I posted an Ad, Live Sex Toy for couples pleasure! The calls started pouring in! Although, I had to be careful and choose couples with references. I did not care to become friends with these people. Ultimately, I just wanted them to fuck me and give me money! Sometimes, friendships did form though.

As a sex toy, I got fucked in all my holes, regularly. I especially loved the calls where the wives wanted to explore and fuck me with a strap-on. Some of the ladies were not that bad. The ones that were not so good at it I would flip it and fuck them because I was really at good fucking women with a big fucking strap on cock! What kind of sex toy would I be if I was not good at everything though!

Some couples are just basic but those are fun too!

Honestly, my favorite is when I am pounding the wives pussy and husband comes up and pounds my ass at the same time. It is such a fun fuck train. Some couples are not so open and are pretty basic. A little bit of fondling by the women and hard fucking and sucking off the guy! That can be fun of course but just not as much fun as being a true sex toy!

Everyone loves a great sex toy even if it is just your wives tits or pussy. Wouldn’t you like extra? Ever imagined your wife wearing a strap on and playing with sex toys? If your wife won’t fuck you with the strap on then I will. So that is when you call me I will be the sex toy you need! Not only am I a great phone sex operator but I am a confident and taboo princess. So why not play with me? I am really fun. My imagination will make all your fantasies come true! Find me at phone sex kingdom.