Sex toy parties have been going on for a long time.

I had never been to a sex toy party so I had no idea what to expect. One of my close friends decided to have one so I figured what the hell. When I walked into her living room there were more sex toys than I had ever seen in one person’s home before. There was lingerie, dildos, vibrators, blindfolds, whips, machines and well, all kinds of other toys and lubes. Seeing the look on the women’s faces as they walked in was priceless though. Some looked embarrassed blushing like crazy, others excited and some surprised. But what really got me were the ones that plain looked ready to take every sex toy they could and try it out.

We all made awkward small talk as we waited for all of the guests to arrive. The wine was poured and we were a couple of glasses down when the party finally began. There were about 15 of us all together some more experienced with sex toys than others but all of us eager to see what the hostess had to offer. A noise sounded from the top of the stairs and we all stopped our chatting to look up. There stood a beautiful woman in nothing but some sexy lingerie. She began walking down the stairs in what seemed like some grand entrance.

She explained that everything in the room was for sale but there was a ton more available.

Her presentation of everything was very thorough explaining each toy, how they worked. What they were used for and which parts they felt the best on. We were told to feel free to check them all out, pick them up, feel them, turn them on if they had that option and just ask if we had any questions. We all got up and started checking stuff out. The wine was still flowing and one woman, obviously feeling pretty good, picked up one toy and asked how it worked, giggling as it turned and pulsed in her hand.

The hostess moved to her and asked if she’d like her to show her how the toy worked. The woman looked a little surprised but then said “hell yeah”. The hostess told her to sit on the couch. She did as she was told expecting some kind of visual description but when the hostess lifted the woman’s skirt and pulled her panties to the side everyone stopped to watch. She lubed up the toy and started to press it inside the curious woman’s pussy. We couldn’t believe this was really happening!

I mean yeah, it was a sex toy party but we never thought we could actually USE them AT the party!! We all watched in amazement as the toy slid all the way in. Her face went from surprised to euphoric in moments. Her eyes began to close and her body began to move. Grinding herself on the toy as if she were in the middle of making love.

Without even thinking my hand had slid down into my panties rubbing through my wet folds.

When I realized what I had done I was so embarrassed. I looked around the room at the other women to see if I had been caught only to find that all of them had been doing the same thing. The woman on the couch started moaning louder and louder reaching what we could all tell was about to be one hell of an orgasm. The woman let out a scream as her cum came flooding out of her pussy down the toy and onto the hostess’s hand. The hostess looked up at all of us, smiled and asked, “Would anyone else like a demonstration?”

Give me a call, I’d be happy to give you a demonstration of how my sex toys work! 🙂

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke