What if my next Tinder date led to having sex with my dad?

Fantasy sex scenario #800631: I’ve never met my biological father. I grow up raised by my mom and stepdad whom I was led to believe was my biological father.

One day, I’m casually swiping through Tinder and see an older guy who catches my fancy. And then I swipe right.

It’s possible that my taboo phonesex fantasy springs from being solicited as a teenager to make my (luddite) father’s internet dating profiles. My dad was pretty hungry for pussy at one point. I would take the pictures, write his “about me” and all of that. He misunderstood Facebook for awhile, thinking that was a dating website too.

Anyway, who the fuck knows where the perverted shit that pops into my head comes from! All I know is that what happens next is we meet at a bar. He’s charming, funny, and thinks I am too. I haven’t gotten laid in a minute, so I’m quick to invite him back to my place. He’s even quicker to accept my offer.

While I’m sucking his cock, he notices one of the pictures on my dresser. It’s me and my mom. He doesn’t say anything, I still have no idea. It makes his cock harder knowing I’m his daughter.

He pulls himself out of my mouth, his precum leaving a sinewy, long creamy strand from my mouth. And then he starts to fuck me.

There’s a wild look in his eyes as he buries his cock deep inside my hungry cunt. He seems almost possessed, driven by knowing how “bad” what he’s doing is. Of course, I still have no idea. All I know is that I can’t get enough of him thrusting inside me.

My back arches as I start to orgasm, my whole body shuddering with waves of pleasure.

Does incest phonesex interest you, too? Let’s explore our secret, taboo fantasies together.

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