Sex Therapy with Mistress: Let’s work out your perversions

Sex therapy, huh? I’ve got what you need to get deep into your psyche and figure out what makes you tick. Just lay down on the couch and think back to the earliest time that you knew your sexual needs were different. Tell me about that. How does that make you feel?

Got something that you can’t quite grasp sexually, we can work it out with my own personal brand of sex therapy. Tell me your secrets and how they make you feel. Tell me what you want to do to those people you aren’t supposed to want to do those things with. I’ll put your mind at ease and let you know that these things are normal for you. Sex therapy with Ember can be anything from just talking things out between us to training you to be the real sissy that is inside you dying to get out.

You want to know what is another great sex therapy technique I have? Role play.

Do you have a fantasy that you just can’t seem to make reality? Bring it to me and we will role play it out so realistically that your cock with believe that it has actually gotten exactly what it wants. What if your fantasy is having more than one girl worshiping you? No problem! I can bring in one of my beautiful associates to help me rock your world. Sex therapy doesn’t even have to be all about forbidden desires. I can teach you how to relax and really please yourself and your partner? Sound good? Give me an email and set up an appointment with Therapist Ember. Or Walk-ins are welcome too! Don’t forget to vote to get some Free Phone Sex minutes! I’ll be here, just waiting to help you work through your perversions!