Sex Therapy with Charlie

So recently I’ve been having so much fun at PSK that I’ve been told I’m almost as good if not BETTER then going to sex therapy. I give much more than over the counter medicine and I can do it multiple times a day via phone sex. I love how men confess their deepest darkest fantasies and know I’ll keep their ‘patient/doctor’ confidentiality. *winks*

Nothing is hotter than a man who tells me all his deepest passion and secrets through phone sex. From his dirty wife with their big black neighbor to that sultry Mistress who will punish her panty sluts! Phone sex is so amazing and hot!

So much for one girl to handle!

I love a good challenge. As my first year moves on with phone sex, I am finding more and more of my own kinky side. It’s cumming out with all these handsome men calling me wanting phone sex and lavishing me with their compliments.

It makes a woman truly swoon!

But what I enjoy most of all is knowing that I can listen and give you what really want. Phone sex is such a hot kinky world. It helps me reach into those kinky desires and create something tangible soothing that dark desire. Come meet your sexy therapist and get the therapy that you’ve always dreamed about.