Sex Therapist Gets Her Way With You

I love letting my naughty and kinky side loose, and being your sex therapist was right up my alley.  When I started thinking of all the things I could do to tease you, to blackmail you, to own you, the list just kept getting longer and longer.  I’ve known you casually for several years, sexual tension has always been high between us but we’ve never pushed the limits, even though I’ve so wanted to. You came to me for my erotic hypnosis skills so I could implant some trigger words that would help you with some of your sex problems; but all I was focused on was sticking some deep mind altering sex words that would turn you into my sex slave.

I had you come in after hours, so I would have you all to myself.  You looked a little nervous at first, but after a few strong drinks you relaxed, and I got to work.  I purposely wore a tight red dress, cut low enough in the front to reveal just a hint of my black lace bra and plump cleavage.  Your eyes kept glancing from my breasts to my gorgeous legs, your mind just couldn’t decide which one to fixate on.  I smiled knowing this was going to be so easy.  My side job allows me so much time to be the cheating MILF wife that I love to be, and you are easy prey for me.

 I had you take another drink, then helped you lay down on my couch.

With the lights turned down low, I began our sex session.  As I began speaking to you in my low and sultry voice, I could see your whole body physically relax, leading you into the trance I wanted you in.  When I made sure you were completely under my erotic hypnosis, I guided you into doing edge play for me.  You see I love seeing a man stroke his dick for me, watching it get hard and thicker, the head swelling and pre-cum starting to leak.

 I whispered in your ear and made you tell me all the twisted and perverted things you wanted to do to me.

That devious smile of mine spread across my face.  ‘Do you want to have hot, uncontrollable sex with me?’, I asked.  ‘If you do then we are going to play a little game to see just how long you can last without cumming. You want to edge for me don’t you?’, ‘Oh yes’, you replied in that sexy deep voice of yours.

All I heard as I crossed the room were moans of pleasure coming from you, begging me to let you do things to me that your wife never lets you.  You see erotic hypnosis under the supervision of a talented sex therapist like me can only work one way ……… in my favor.  I turned on the hidden video camera, adjusted the lens then walked back over to you.  I turned at the right angle and started to undress while talking to you. Making you reveal all those kinky things that you’ve been thinking about for so long, stroking your cock while telling me.  I knew I had you right where I wanted you now, you’d forever be under my thumb now.  It would be such a shame wouldn’t it, if your wife happened to get a copy of this tape………

Blackmail Phone Sex

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