My boyfriend has a kinky little fetish that we seldom discuss outside of each other and from time to time I love to indulge his most sinful pleasure. You see my boyfriend is a exophile (alien sex fetishist) when he first confessed to it after I caught him looking at twi’lek porn I was confused and curious so naturally upon him explaining it to me I was more than willing to feed his need. I’ve acquired a few costumes for his pleasures along with make-ups and such, it takes time doing it in person but I find it pays off.

While he was at work today I pulled out my make-up set and went to work dressing up, my twi’lek head-piece had finally come in and it was time to put it to good use. Making myself at exotic as possible I looked at myself in the mirror admiring the pale purple skin, the black markings, my lekku hanging over my shoulders. slipping in silver contacts I put on the white tube top and matching g-string. decorating the bedroom and hanging flicking star lights all over the place the scene was complete.

Hearing the door open I quickly seated myself on the bed turning some of the lights low, my fingers stroking sensually at my lekku as he entered into the room. The bulge was instantly evident. Twi’lek are known for being mistresses of seduction and so I gracefully moved over towards him “Welcome traveler” I purred softly letting my tongue run over the shell of his ear. My hands gliding over him it was easy to tug and pull him out of his clothing. His cock was at full attention.

My lips wrapped around him and I took him in inch my inch bobbing my head and working my tongue. I let my tongue ring press into his shaft getting a moan from him. Halting before he could get close enough to cum I pulled away “Let me fuck you” he begged me. “Take my g-string off” I ordered and he obeyed gasping at the sight of my purple pussy. That did it for him he sprung upwards and slid his cock into me fucking me with such force my tits jiggled and bounced. I couldn’t help but moan and cry out enjoying it, this was the best sex I’d ever gotten from him!

Have you always wanted to fuck a twi’lek?