Sex tape – Teen finds her parents sex tape!

Sex tape- It was so awkward when I found my parents. My Mom sends me a box of my clothes, books and art supplies from home. I had the box sitting in my apartment for months before I had a chance to go through it.

I finally started through it, when I came across a few VHS tapes. Ugh, why did my Mom think I wanted my Disney videos, I wondered. Like I know anyone who still has a VHS player. My mom can be pretty lame. She sends me Jungle Book and The Little Mermaid. I have to confess I did love these as a kid. The third video looked like a homemade tape. It said xxx Tom & Sandy xxx. Tom and Sandy are my parent’s name. I started to get curious.

I called my mom and asked her why she sent me tapes, and what was this xxx tape? She hesitated before she answered. “Sara, I didn’t mean to send that one. It’s kind of personal. Could you maybe send it back?”

“What kind of personal tape is it, Mom?” “Oh Sara, I guess I can tell you. Your Dad and I were on vacation and we made a silly sex tape. It is pretty embarrassing but we were young. To be honest, we do watch it occasionally. Could you please send it back?”

I told my Mom I would. I mentioned the tape to some friends at school and how embarrassed I was that my parents actually filmed themselves having sex. Now, I am not a prude, obviously.

If you had done a call with me- you have seen my pics! But my parents!!

My friend had an idea, “Sara, there is a VHS player in the media center in the library… I mean we could go watch it!” Jeremy suggested. “NOOOO!” I said. “well, can I watch it”? he responded. “yeah me too!” a few others chimed in.

I said ok. I sat in the other room while they all got comfortable. Could hear my parents voices as they started to fuck. I could hear my mom slurping on my Dad’s cock and I heard my dada cum hard. When they were finished, I made sure they rewound the tape and I mailed it back to my mom. I think I will never get over my parent’s sex tape!


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