Sex Tape Gets Leaked All Over the Internet without Permission

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Inserting it partially into my own pussy she moved up to me and scissored her way up to me.

As the other end of the dildo slid into her pussy I picked up my phone and called the guy that made the sex tape in the first place. I wasn’t sure if he did it to be an asshole and thought that posting the sex tape would make me mad but that didn’t happen. Instead I made him listen over the phone as my best friend and I fucked each other with the double sided dildo.

He let everyone see the secret sex tape!

I told him that since he didn’t ask to post the secret sex tape that he made of us he had to deal with phone sex instead of the real thing. If he had asked me to do it I may have been nicer and let him join in with us or given him a show. We could have all watched it together, but no. He could only listen to us have fun instead. It’s not like he really was being punished. Letting him listen was actually hot as fuck! If you want a little fun of your own, give me call. I’ll show you just how hot phone sex can be!