Please don’t tell anyone about our sex tape!

If anyone were you watch how naughty our sex tape got, they would be very displeased with it. How could such a sweet little girl like me do such kinky acts! Everyone thought I was so sweet. But you knew the truth. You knew how much of a naughty slut I could be for you when the lights went off. Who am I kidding?

I didn’t need the lights on to act like a dirty whore. I love getting down on my knees right in front of you. My eyes looking up at yours. The lust that you could plainly see in my eyes turn you on. You know I will never be satisfied unless we get a little naughtier each time. So, then I go deeper with my throat to take all your hot yummy cum. You start thrusting harder and deeper inside of me. Then we start developing new fetishes and fantasies with each other. And of course, that’s when we have our first sex tape.

The first of many dirty sex tapes really!

I kinda lost count after the fifth one, but most of them contained me puffing on a cigarette and the strong flickering of my lighter. You had such a strong smoking fetish after all the wild fun we had. The sound of my lighter triggered something inside of you like fire. We have a whole list of more home movies to make. Rope tieing, candle wax play, and so much more. Isn’t it so funny? I walk around our town in my cute school girl uniform, long blonde hair, and pink sparkly bookbag. Everyone thinks I’m so innocent, and maybe I am innocent. But I’m not with you, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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