Our Sex Tape was showing me a new side of him…

Adam’s hands were gripping my thighs tight as he bounced me back against his thick cock again and again. He was balls deep inside me but it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I couldn’t get enough. Every thrust sent electricity through my body. Without a word Adam pulled away for a moment and returned with his leather belt. His smile looked wicked as he carefully slid it over my soft skin and up my back. Adam wrapped the belt around my neck as my own collar and leash seeming proud of his work. I had always loved this fetish but had never gotten to experience it before our sex tape. 

Adam didn’t seem to notice my aching pussy. Instead he carefully got our lube from the nightstand and started to pour some onto my virgin asshole. I knew better than to argue with Adam when he had his mind made up. I waited anxiously as he positioned himself behind me again, taking his time and slowly easing the tip of his cock inside me. The feeling of my hole stretching around his length made my body tremble and pretty soon I was pushing back against him desperately.

Adam yanked on his belt hard pulling me back into him deeper and harder. My face was red and my makeup was smeared as I struggled to breath but neither of us was ready to stop. I could feel him throbbing inside me as his balls slapped against the wet mess between my thighs. We came hard and desperately in a moment filled with tangled limbs and erotic moans. The bed looked as if it were ready to fall apart but as we laid there catching our breath it didn’t matter in the slightest. 

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