My shower sex story will linger in your thoughts for days to follow. Everyone knows, shower sex is one of the best ways to start or end a day. I could see the silhouette of his body through the foggy glass of the shower door. Teasing him with my body, I wanted Anthony to join me in the shower. I cleared away the condensation from the shower door, as I pressed my ass against the door for an invitation. He couldn’t resist, he undressed and dropped his boxers and t-shirt to the floor.

He greeted me beneath the warm cascading water. Softly kissing as our bodies intertwined one another. The eagerness grew between us, as our mouths met one another. His erection grew, as he pressed his body into mine. I wanted Anthony even more than I did before. I released a sigh of pleasure, as his lips moved across my shoulders and down to my firm nipples. Slowly licking and sucking each one, as he made a path down my belly. His strong hands cupped my ass cheek, as he pulled my bald wet pussy to his face.

It was only moments before his finger found its way deep inside my tight little hole. He teased my hard little clit with his tongue, as my body quiver with excitement. Without hesitation he slipped a second finger deep into my now hungry pussy. Anthony pressed both fingers deep into my pussy, as I gasped for more. My moans grew even louder, as he positioned my body against the cool tile. My hips moved slightly, grinding against his palm, as he fucked me rhythmically with his fingers. I came within minutes, as he pleasures my every being from top to bottom.

Slowly Anthony withdrew his hand and kissed me ever so gently. My body was his playground, as he turned me around and placed my hands against the cold tile. Within minutes, he guided his throbbing hard cock deep into my sizzling hole. He entered me slowly inch by inch, as he savored my warmth. The length of his cock slid all the way in and out of me. My body shivered with each thrust. I wanted more. His thick 8 inch cock penetrated my snatch. “Take me baby and fuck my body.” echoed throughout the house with our groans. Anthony slammed his every being into my body, as he exploded deep inside me. I know you want more dirty details of my sex story.

Let the fun begin, as you enter my sex story playground.

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