I can be such a bitch sometimes.

The sweet kind of bitchy that makes a Sex Story just a bit more fun and exciting. I’m especially good at torturing guys until they’re about to lose their minds and their dicks are rock hard.

This is a Sex Story about Daniel. He’s a chronic masturbator. I swear he lives for jerking that dirty dick of his. He hits me up for booty calls because he knows I’m the only one that gives him what he wants. With conditions of course. One condition is that I decide when and how he gets to cum. I make him do all sorts of crazy things before I let him jerk off. Every now and then I show him that it’s good to keep his hands off his dick.

He sent me a long text telling me how ashamed he was. He said he’d been a bad boy who’d jerked off every day this week.

His dick was rubbed raw and sore but he just couldn’t stop.

Please, could I teach him a lesson?

I was bored and he’s a good way to kill an hour so I went to his place and put my sexy bitch face on. I made him get naked but I kept all my clothes on because he wasn’t getting a free show, he had to earn it by begging.

First, though, I had to push him to the edge. Making him sit in a chair I handcuffed his hands behind his back then used a rope to tie each ankle to the legs of the chair. He has pulled apart with his dick poking in the air. I hadn’t even touched him yet and he was already raring to go.

Leaning forward, I put my hands at the top of his thighs as I looked him in the eyes. “Tell me what you’ve been doing,” I said, even though I knew all the details thanks to his texts. Wanting to hear his Sex Story in person, I listened to his voice shaking with excitement and shame as he told me.

I got a rush as he blushed and told me everything and I slowly began stroking his thighs, moving closer and closer to his dick. I love stories about sex!

The handcuffs clinked as he pushed his hips up

He was trying so hard to get his dick closer to my fingers but I just gave his head a light smack.

“Now tell me why I should let you cum,” I told him and ran a finger up and down his dick, feeling it throb and twitch as a little drop of pre-cum slid out.

He said all the right things, telling me how bad he was, how sorry, and that I was so sexy. I knelt in front of him and closed my hand around his dick. I gave him slow strokes while he kept going. It turned to beg like it always does and soon he was promising me all sorts of things as I began to go faster.

I got rougher with him because his dick must have been killing him after all the attention he’d been giving it and he did little shaky breaths as he groaned and tilted his head back. “You want to cum, don’t you?” I asked, being careful not to finish him off early. He nodded and I cupped his balls in my hand while I steadily jerked him off.

“You can cum soon,” I told him and he made the sexiest sad sound ever as I slid my hand off him. He perked up though when I stood up and took my clothes off.

To be continued…

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