Allow me to take you on a Journey through the twisted side of my phone sex mind, in this naughty Vampire Sex Story.

I stood looking off into the darkness, hand on the hilt of my sword, ready to draw at any moment. Feeling his presence I could also sense that I was in imminent danger in this wild sex story. I knew standing there, the silks from my wardrobe licking softly at my legs that I was the target he was seeking…

As I inched closer to the shadows, I could feel the darkness lingering just beyond my reach. I stepped forward, my face practically even with the shadows radiating from the woods in front of me. He couldn’t leave the safety of the Darkness, we both knew it. It was written in stone, since the Dawn of time, they were not allowed to step foot into the light.

This was my one and only chance, to know if the man I once knew still resided inside this dark beast. The man I once loved and therefore gave myself to. The only Master I had ever given myself to. As I slowly took a step into the darkness I could hear the whimpers of the lost souls crying out trying to find a place to belong.

So… I knew he was here, Just waiting for the chance to obtain the one thing he has always desired… Me… Although this is His sex story submissive.

A few more steps I thought anxiously to myself as I made my way deeper into the darkness. Closer to him with each step, until I finally felt his presence. The leaves rustling behind me and he stepped closer. His hand on the back of my neck ready to react.

Slowly he pushed me down to my knees, telling me that was exactly where I belonged. On my knees kneeling in front of him. Slowly sinking to my knees I kept my eyes focused on him as I allowed my hand to drop from my sword. Looking up to him for confirmation, some ounce of reassurance that he was still there. Anything…

I could feel his hand brushing tenderly down my face as he gazed down into my sparkling eyes. This was him, this was the man I once knew. I could tell…

So, are you Intrigued? Let’s finish the taboo phone sex story together!