Sex story-getting groped during the sweaty sticky summer

Sex story- getting groped on a hot and sticky summer day. Not the first grope by a stranger that I ever experienced but this one was super unexpected. Today was pretty hot, Hot and sticky in NYC. I was at a corner store after a long walk from my subway stop. My short skirt was clinging to my legs. My blouse was dripping so much with sweat that you could see my red lace bra under it.

I wasn’t feeling very sexy at all. I passed a group of old men sitting at a table outside the store dripping in as much sweat, if not more than me. They all looked at me and smiled. I went back to the cooler to find something cold to drink. The Bodega cat rubbed against me so I leaned down to pet her. Just as I bent down., I felt someone above me. One of the old guys, he must have been 80, reached into the cooler and took out a cold beer. As I was getting up, the old man stayed way too close to me. He took his cold beer bottle and he ran it across my arm and smiled.

I smiled back, It did feel good. He then ran the bottle over my left tit.

“Hey!” I said, startled by his forwardness. He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me close. Before I could break away, that dirty old man grabbed my right tittie and fondled it! “Dude, you better stop.”

He looked dejected and sad as he walked back to his friends. As I was walking out with my cold drink, he came up to me again and apologized. “This weather just makes old men crazy, I think.” He said with his toothless grin.

“It’s ok, Baby.” I said. “Next time just ask!”

I rubbed my sweaty ass against his crotch before I headed home.


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