Sex Story: Served Up As A Future Pledge Offering For The Southerner

Sex story fun rarely ever ends without me being covered in a substantial mess. Well, me or someone else in one of my kinky adventures. So when I was contacted by The Southerner with this kinky concoction in his mind I knew it was going to be a blast. The following is a hot sex story about naughty slut Corey. I was stuck being 14 and dying to be a kinky sorority slut. What better way to become a kinky cunt than to join as a future pledge! After all, I was willing to do all of her big sorority sister’s bidding, including taking care of dick demands!

Sex Story: Served Up As A Future Pledge Offering For The Southerner!

This sex story started with a simple knock on the door of a stranger. I had no idea where my sorority sister had sent me, but I was eager to follow all of her orders. Although I was pretty anxious on the other side of the door, I composed myself as soon as he answered. He was tall and well built, wearing a damp pair of navy swim trunks. He held out his strong hand and I shook it introducing myself. His eyes slid from my feet straight up to the top of my head taking in every bit of my young tight body. Walking into his massive house I followed him out the back towards his pool. Sadly I was misinformed and didn’t bring a suit, of course, that was no problem for the Southerner.

He jumped into the pool and went for a small swim coming back around to the ledge and signaling me to head his direction. A sexy smirk rose to my lips as I crossed my arms in front of my body grabbing the hem of my shirt. I licked my lips and connected eyes with him enticing stare. Slowly he nodded his head in approval as I began to slowly pull my shirt up over my body. My breast bounced and with that, he gave me a smile of satisfaction. Turning around I did the same with my cute blue jean shorts exposing my cute purple thong. The two of us enjoyed a flirty swim for a small while longer till he led the way to his master bathroom that opened up from the side of the house.

His eyes stared down my dripping wet body, telling a sex story without words.

I stepped towards him and put my thumbs into the elastic of his swim trunks. Smirking at him I began to wedge them from his wet body allowing them to fall with a plop on the floor. He untied the bra top and inhaled as my sexy teen tits bounced. I squeezed them in my hands and smirked asking if he likes my underage breast. Then, without a doubt, his cock twitches as if to reply yes. Although, I was so horny and ready to get to the bedroom I took my time with him. Squatting down I grabbed hold of his massive girthy cock and began to give him head. Without a doubt, his hard rod fits perfectly into my 14-year-old slut pallet.

Although, this was not the perfect sex story yet. That was until The Southerner made like the whiskey-drinking gentleman he was and lifted me in one swoop to his bed. I practically melted into a young sweet puddle as he laid me on his bed. Whimpers left my lips as he trailed down my tight body kissing on the outside of my wet thong. He took the elastic between his teeth and slowly pulled them down my thighs and off my feet. Holding them in one hand he brought them to the nose and sniffed them in deep. Then, like wasted garbage, he tossed them to the side and dived face-first into my tight bald cunt. It was amazing.

I was his underage sexual sorority slut to do what he pleased.

We exchanged oral satisfaction between each other quite a few times. He even let me have some of his whiskey to loosen me up and make me feel right. However, I was enjoying every moment with The Southerner. I was his sweet slut he bent over and fucked deep inside of her tight little pussy hole. Feeling his cock stretch me open made me cum all over him, drenching him in my delicious pussy juices. He returned the favor to me as well. Although, it was not by covering my pretty face in his cum. He demanded I take every drop of his baby batter all over my cervix. I cried out begging for him to knock me up as he blew his load, it was magical. Of course, I did my sister’s proud that day.

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