Sex story, Force fucked by a stranger in the woods.

Sex story, Force fucked by a stranger while I was lost in the woods. I just love coming up with hot stories to make your cock throbbing hard. So I thought of this wicked hot role play that would just drive me wild. I want you to imagine you see me walking through the woods, I’m looking around and don’t seem to know where I am. So you take it upon your self to get a little closer you just have to get a better look at the beauty lost and alone in the woods.  I’m wearing a pair of khaki shorts that show off my long legs, A pair of hiking shoes and a tight tank top. Of course, you know the area and you know that chances are there isn’t another person for miles. If you like this hot phone sex idea give me a call!

Sex story, Raped in the woods.

Your hand slides down your pants grabbing your cock, feeling yourself getting hard you need to have me. You sneak up behind me grabbing me from behind and I no time to brace myself. Then you wrap your arm around my neck pulling me into your body and I struggle to get away from you. You pull my shirt up over my head and blindfold me with my shirt. Pushing me down on the ground you pin my arms with one of your hands I struggle against you. All I can see is the faint sunlight, gleaming through the rough cotton of my shirt. Roughly you rip off my shorts and quickly pull out your cock, slamming it inside me fucking me hard and fast.

I am screaming and trying to fight you off but I am just no match for you. I can hear you moaning and grunting above me. What seemed like forever to me seemed like seconds to you. You fuck me hard and deep raping my pussy until you cum a huge load inside of me. You get off of me I can hear you zip your zipper and you leave me there use and abused like a cheap whore.

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