Sex Stories: Like the Horny Phone Sex MILF I am I just couldn’t help myself

Sex Stories: I had a hot sexual encounter with the UPS Boy just the other day. It wasn’t something I had planned,  it just was one of those very hot encounters that I find myself masturbating to as I relived it in my mind.

I often walk around the house not wearing much of anything and that day was no different. I heard a knock on the door and answered it in my bra and panties, neglecting to grab a robe on the way. There he was, in all his tight young hotness…..just standing there.

I invited him in and went to get my wallet. I came back to find this sexy young stud standing there in front of me with a massive hard on very evident through his tight brown shorts. Wow, the site of his huge hard on was very arousing and I had been so horny all morning as usual.

Like the Horny Phone Sex MILF I am I just couldn’t help myself. To my knees I went, unzipped those snug pants and soon I was licking that young rock hard cock. I licked it with expertise and then took it deep down my throat. That cock was so hard, pulsating and dripping precum as that boy moaned in pleasure.

I pulled my panties down and bent over and soon his hot young cock was fucking me from behind. He fucked me good and deep until we both came together. That young stud said Thank you Ma’am and off he went to his next delivery.

So Satisfying and So Hot was My Afternoon Encounter With The UPS Boy 

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