Read Part Three of My Epic Sex Stories As We Gossip About Our Dates!

This group of sex stories is definitely heating up!  I came out of my reverie as Jen concluded her evening with her elusive admirer.  I was getting so turned on having these adult chat discussions with my friends and hearing all about their sexual adventures!  So I tried to fight the feeling as I knew I had a date coming up in a few minutes.  I silently chided myself as I knew my panties were wet by this time thinking about all the fun we had been having.  I was really happy for Jen and wanted her to have some fun.  She had just gotten out of a bad relationship, so I was very glad to see her finding a glimmer of happiness.  Jen’s face seemed to glow with this radiant shine.

I started to get up to go brush my hair.  Caren put her hands across my freshly shaven silky legs.  This motion was making me hot, the feel of her hands gliding across my skin.  Caren and I were not opposed to a little fun like those sexy girls gone, wild college girls. I knew a sex stories adventure was about to be told by Caren who always seemed to be getting some.  Well anyway, she said she met this guy at a midnight after-party at Spanky’s Club one of our many local clubs around here.

Everyone went dressed in costume as Halloween was coming.

Caren didn’t dress up but dressed down if anything in as little as she could get away with.  She wore this red strapless dress with nothing underneath and heels.  She was a sight to see.  Caren always turned heads.  Well I’ll let her tell the rest.

Anyway to continue and add to the sex stories tonight I did meet this guy at Spanky’s Club.  I hate dressing up in costumes.  It’s not really my thing.  I was by the bar ordering a drink when a tall figure sat on the stool next to me.  He seemed really creepy and sat too close.  I can’t remember everything we talked about but he was funny and charming, despite his mask.  I think masks are freaky because you can’t see who is underneath.

One drink turned into two and three.  Pretty soon I knew I was toasted.  Against my better judgment, I stayed and talked with the masked man and he invited me to his place to sober up.  Under normal circumstances, I would have stayed home.  Tonight however I was glad to have the company.  He was charming and made me laugh and he was tall and I love tall guys.  Once back at his place, I knew I was not going home right away.  He carried me back to his room to lay down.

He lay next to me and we talked.

Slowly talking turned to flirting and touching, kissing, and caressing.  He had nice hands.  He teased my nipples through my dress till they stood out on end.  Then he started tickling and kissing my nipples until I let him help me out of my dress.  Kisses turned to licks as he found his way to the one area of my body that would make me beg for more.  He was like a ravenous monster eating my pussy.  He had this ring I remember he used to rub my clit.  I remember how this was different but oh so good!

When I squirt my cum all over his face he stripped away his clothes and mask and I found he was very cute.  He had a small earring and clean-shaven face.  His dark wavy hair made his face seem very handsome.  He slowly undressed out of his costume.  I watched fascinated as he slowly moved his hands to unwrap himself before me.  He buried himself deep within me filling up my tight hungry hole.  Our bodies rocked together in sync as the bed loudly swayed up and down.  There was not much in the way of romance but boy the fucking was hot!

After our tryst, I got up and showered.  I sighed as the hot water hit my body.  While in the shower I was thinking how I could do this every night.  I finished my shower and came back into the bedroom.  He was gone!  Where was he?  I checked the house and he was gone!  On the table, I saw a small white card.  On the card, he wrote his phone number and a small note.

“I had a wonderful time tonight.  I hope we can go out soon.”  No name no signature.  Strange!

Are you holding onto your seat like I was;?  Join me for the final conclusion of my epic tale on Halloween!  In the meantime dial me up for some hot one-on-one or two-girl phone sex right now!

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