I really love listening to sex stories!

Sex stories have always been absolutely fascinating to me! Anytime the conversation seemed to head that way I was (and am) all ears! I would sit in the next room while my parents were drinking and talking with their friends and the subject always ended up turning to sex! I would sit and listen to what they would refer to as “Adult Chat” when they sent me out of the room. It was absolutely fascinating!

At first, I would just listen and not really think much of it other than to thrill at listening to something forbidden. But very soon, those sex stories started to affect me. I would feel my pussy start to ache, my little nipples would get hard. It wasn’t very long at all before I started to touch myself. First, just putting pressure on my tiny little box through my panties. Then soon afterward, I started to slip my fingers inside those little cotton panties.

After bedtime, after the house had gone quiet I’d lay in bed thinking about those stories about sex and  I would start touching myself.  I would run my hands over my body, stopping to massage my barely budded nipples.  Then, I would trail my fingers over my flat tummy to my pretty little cotton panties and delve under that waistband to slide a finger up and down my sweet unopened slit.

The feeling I had the first time I touched my clit that way about knocked me out of the bed! I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt! So I did it again, lightly stroking it until my eyes closed and my neck arched.

It took awhile to get the hang of it. But it wasn’t very long before I gave myself my first orgasm. I had to pretend I had a bad dream because all the moaning I did brought my parents running!

If only I had someone there to show me what to do through guided masturbation, maybe that first big cum would have come sooner, huh?

Got some sex stories for me? Call me up and dish those dirty deets and then be prepared for the best phone sex you’ve ever imagined!