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Sex Stories Free: Rainbow Party With Lipstick and Poppers For You Sissy!

Tonight is going to be a rainbow party. For that, you buy some extra gifts too. Not only are you going to wear your favorite pretty panties. You will also be supplying an assortment of various bitch shades of lipstick and poppers! That’s  right, little bitch. I’ll get you nice and high so you can be super loose. That is going to be important because with 6 big hard dicks to please your going to get STRETCHED! Oh, surely you did not think you would have the pleasure of watching me take all of these. I could in a heart beat rust me.

However, it will be your sucking six dicks with rainbow colored lips!

That’s right, you need to find each of those dicks deep inside of your mouth. You are lucky that I am willing to help along those lipstick rings for you. With me pushing on the back of your head you will be able to leave a nice lipstick ring at each of their bases. Between each of there large fuck sticks you will be able to take a hit from that pretty amber bottle. After all a good little faggot slut like you will do anything to please me and get a hit of those poppers. Now impress your phone sex operator and get to sucking!

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