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Here is one of my first Sex Stories that will make you learn how I came to love public sex. This is one of those sex stories that I have to put out here because it was my first experience ever with something like this. Friday night my friend, Britney came over and she said she wanted me to go to this old, seedy bookstore. I was kind of hesitant because the bookstore that she was talking about wasn’t in a great neighborhood. Then I thought I could use some new books, though. I need to start using my mind for things other than porn and such.

We arrived and it was dim, plain and black. It didn’t look like any book store I had seen before, I walked in and to my surprise, it wasn’t a bookstore I had been in before. I’m an open minded person, but, this place smelled like sex and mold. I felt my cheeks get a rosy red, I thought we were going to a regular book store so I was dressed in my black pants that slide right off and my tight black top, with space in between the breast and chest area. Wasn’t wearing a bra or panties and it was chilly in here.

I could feel my nipples poking and rubbing against my shirt.

She took my hand and led me to this back area with these little booths and mine was closest to the wall and she took the one a couple doors down. She said ” Harley, open your hand and enjoy yourself”, chuckled and walked off.

Getting so Horny!

 I walked in and it was pretty small, I sat on the stool and looked straight ahead at this small television and I noticed a strange hole in the wall. I put a couple quarters in and a menu came on and I picked a flick, I love porn and it had been a while since I made myself feel good. I picked my movie, it was this built guy with nice arms and a big veiny dick, it must have been about 9 inches, no hair on his body. And the girl was hot, big breasted brunette with a cute tiny bubble butt. I watched him going down on her and that was turning me on, I started to touch my breasts over my shirt and my nipples were hard. This felt so good.

I started moaning a little bit and I heard something, horrified that someone might have seen me I quit and looked around.

Then I saw nothing, but I did notice something about that hole so I went over there and a dick came through. I was shocked, I had only seen something like this in porn.  My shock started turning to excitement. This cock was nice, 8 inches or so, veiny, thick and a fat mushroom head. I took it in my hand and started stroking, I spit on the head and stroked it down.

Wanted this cock in my tight pussy so bad I was touching it and I didn’t care I took my pants off and started rubbing it against my pussy and that felt amazing. I started rubbing it and put it inside. I was riding back on this thick cock. Yummy, I crave cock all the time. I can’t get enough.

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