Dear Perverts, one of the things I love so much about phone sex is that when you do it a certain way, it really feels like real sex.

Sex – The mind is the body’s sex toy, after all. Using our imagination, scenarios become very real and vivid. I love it when a guy isn’t afraid to take his time and really have a high-quality sex session with me, how lucky I am to have found my boy toy…

Our foreplay is long and sweet.


Taking that extra moment to really connect and get into the same headspace makes our phone sex intense and ultra sexy! He plants soft kisses and caresses all over my body, making my squirm with desire anticipating what’s to come. But he never gives it to me fast. He makes me wait for it, teasing me to full arousal before we even begin. It’s luxurious.


He loves smelling, feeling and tasting my wetness.


That’s how he makes me crave him so deeply. I know the sex will be amazing every time. I think of my pussy sort of the same way I think about fruit. Some men like a slightly under-ripe peach, some mean love them sweet and juicy. My boy toy loves his pussy juicy and ripe, and it’s a good thing because his big thick cock feels so amazing squeezing into my hot, tight pussy.

Oh and that cock. Delicious.


I love that I can just barely fit my hand around it. I love the way it looks when it’s dripping delicious, slippery precum just waiting for my tongue to catch it. I love the way it feels when he has to push and push and PUSH to get it to fit inside me. Even throughout my years of slutting about, my pussy is somehow still as tight as a teen virgin’s. I think it’s the yoga. I love feeling totally full of his cock, my pussy walls seizing around that fat shaft, taking it all miraculously.

You see how vivid it is? I’m getting turned on again just writing about it.


I’m going to go play with my toys now. If you’re looking for a playmate and you have a few extra minutes to get detailed, we can have an incredible time on the phone. I love phone sex, and it’s my job…how’d I get so lucky?