My New Life – Day 300. The 24-hour pleasure object

After almost a year, I am still living the life that I had only read about in sex slave stories. Sometimes my owner displays me in a different, smaller cage for BDSM house parties. It is then that I feel most like an owned object. I am only there to be displayed as his beautiful, obedient possession.

But my owner also wants me to become a 24-hour pleasure object for him and his friends. I am to be available at all times to service anyone who might come to the dungeon and want their cock sucked. They get to be a part of my own sex slave stories. I have had deep throat training several times a day since I got here, sometimes with my owner’s cock but most of the time with increasingly larger dildos.


I can’t get away or even turn my head – exactly what I wished for when I read sex slave stories!

My owner built a device that he locks me into that has me positioned on my knees under a chair.  My hands are restrained behind me and my head and neck are placed through a hole in the seat. A man can sit comfortably in the chair, take out his cock and I obediently open my mouth. I begin serving him with my throat any way he wishes. While I’m restrained,  can’t get away or even turn my head My only purpose in life while I’m in the device is to suck the cock of whoever is in the chair.

I also please my owner and his friends in another device, It is a human blow job machine. He restrains me securely on my knees with wrist and ankle cuffs and then he places a ring gag in my mouth to keep it wide open. Then he fastens my head to the machine with straps.  The machine has a piston behind my head that moves it back and forth at a steady and unrelenting pace. A man who wants to use my mouth and throat simply stands in front of me and relaxes while my head, mouth and throat automatically serve his cock. The man can control the speed of the machine and it goes from slow to unbearably fast. I, of course, cannot control it at all.


I’m still here and I will never leave

Sometimes my Owner only keeps me in these devices for a few hours at a time. But when he has a lot of friends over, I have been in there for 12 hours or even longer. Sometimes I feel so ashamed that I’ve serviced so many cocks this way – it’s almost worse than humiliation phone sex!

They don’t tell you this in the sex slave stories, but living as an owned sex slave can be so difficult. But I’m still here and I will never leave. I truly only exist now to serve my Owner.




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