Sex Slave Stories are some of my favorite to write. This is part II of my Sex Slave Story. I hope you will enjoy it!

Sex Slave Stories continued.  We exchanged email over the next few weeks, mostly me answering his questions.  He asked about my medical history, my fantasies, my job, my family, life, and commitments. There was no detail about my life that was too small for him. He insisted on knowing everything.

After a while, I realized there were two questions I had for him. First, I wanted to know why I had to wait until the end of my submissive training to start the lactation process. I had been dreaming about this for years, and it seemed that even waiting another week to start would be torture. In hindsight, I had no idea what torture was, at least not then.

Secondly, I wanted to know if we would be exclusive.   I realized that if he wanted me to submit to someone else, I would not have a choice. I don’t know if I was more terrified, at what his answer would be, or excited. What I did know is my pussy was wet just asking him the question.

When he sent me his response the next day it excited me, terrified me and most of all, it got me wet.

He said: “As for your first question, it is my firm belief that pain makes for better milk production. This is why you will not start the lactation process until after you have gone through your submission training.

I take great enjoyment in inflicting pain in a variety of ways, and your mind has to be trained to submit and enjoy it.

As for your second question, the care of my pet is a top priority for me. However, I am a generous friend. This means, that I will be offering the use of your cunt, ass, and milk filled tits to them, to enjoy in any way they wish.”

For a few minutes I sat and stared at the screen, my mind processing his word, but my body did not need to think. As I read, my nipples hardened and ached to be touched, pinched and pulled.

My pussy juice was running down my inner thigh at the thought of being used anytime and by anyone he desired.

When I finished reading, I put my fingers in my pussy.  I begin rubbing my clit and dreaming of how I would be used by a Master until I came in an explosive orgasm.

I fell in love at that moment.


Sex Slave Stories Part III coming soon!

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