BDSM Sex Slave Stories are some of my favorite to write. This is not the “normal” Sex Slave Story, but I think you will enjoy it!

BDSM Sex Slave stories. I have always had a secret fantasy that I have been too ashamed and embarrassed to share. It falls into the category of BDSM Sex Games but it is a bit different.  It started when I was young, and my breasts begin to develop. I was simply fascinated with my nipples. I would lay in bed at night touching them, playing with them, rolling them between my thumb and finger until they got rock hard.  It always made my body feel so hot and good.

I quickly discovered that when some pain was applied to them my pussy would start to tingle and get wet. It was so hot and erotic! I pulled, pinched and twisted my nipples until I was wet!  Then I would reach down and rub my little clit until I exploded.

As I got older, I started wondering what it would be like to have a man use them to feed on. Eventually, I begin to envision a man taking complete control of me, training me to be his submissive and turning me into his milkmaid.

I started reading Sex Slave Stories and spent countless hours lying on my bed, dildo in my pussy and clips on my nipples, visualizing my “Master” standing over me with a flogger, or pulling me over his lap for a spanking or making me crawl to him. However, no matter what he did to me, it would always end with my nipple in his mouth.

BDSM Sex Slave Stories – This secret fantasy went on for years until one day I read an ad in the personal section of the local city paper

“Master seeking female for the position of submissive Milk Maid. You will be trained to please me, accept punishments, respond to pleasure and obey my every command without question. You will be my property; relinquishing all rights to make any decisions about your body, wants or needs to your Master.

After you complete the training I will require of a submissive; you will begin the lactation induction process. To ensure you produce, I will either breed you or have lactation started through the use of herbs and injections. Having given up all rights to your body, or decisions of any kind, the choice will be entirely mine.

In exchange, I will care for you, give you a home, medical insurance, a car, supply money if you ever needed it and a life where your only job is to please me.
If interested in applying for the position of a Submissive Milk Maid, respond by email, and I will give you further details.”

The moment I finished reading the ad I sent a reply. Then I waited. I waited three agonizing days for a response, wondering what I could have written wrong or how I should have said something differently. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Iy our email arrives. I was so excited my hand shook as I clicked the mouse; what I ready just excited me more.

I could not believe I had finally found someone that wanted a submissive Milk Maid!

Sex Slave Stories Part II coming soon!