Sex slave stories, Kidnapped, rapped and Impregnated!

Sex slave stories, Kidnapped, rapped and Impregnated! I snuck out, my mom and dad told me not to. They have told me a hundred times but… I mean you cant tell me anything I was a rebellious 14-year-old. There was this boy I really liked and wanted to see him more than anything in the whole wide world. Earlier that day he had invited me to a concert. I knew my parents would never agree but this was true love right?!? So I got on the sexiest punk rock outfit I could find and out the window, I went. My room was on the second floor but the guest room had a roof that slanted just right on a hill. One small jump and I was free. 1…2…3… So I jumped holding my breath.

I ran until I was clear of my house and then some. I was always paranoid that my parents had this 6th sense where they could tell I was up to no good. So I ran as fast and as far as I could. Thank god I had saved money from my allowance because after running like that I was starving. I was supposed to meet up with Brad at a restaurant called guilty pleasures where they serve you the fattiest food you can think of and you feel guilty after. One time I came up with some weird shit just to see if they would make it and behold they did and at a low price too. So as I reached the parking lot of guilty pleasures and this older man grabbed me throwing me on the back seat of his car.

Sex slave stories, Kidnapped, rapped and Impregnated!

When I came to I was naked with my hands handcuffed to a metal bed frame and only one of my legs shackled to the bed. Suddenly I noticed a man creeping around the corner. He didn’t say anything, I begged him to let me go that I wouldn’t tell anyone but still he did not say a word. The man just pulled his cock out and started stroking it. The moment he was hard he got on top of me and slid his cock between my lips. He pushed his cock into me opening me wide and fucking me deep. He left me there filled with cum day after day until several months later I realized my stomach was growing.

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