Some nights I want it to be all about me and I want to have Sex Slave Stories and I don’t care if the guy cums or not.

Sex Slave Stories happen when I’m horny and I just want to get to the good stuff which is usually his dick pounding me.

A hard fingering while getting my tits fondled is good too and who doesn’t love getting eaten out? Last night I wanted a guy to use as my personal sex slave. That put Michael in a good position for both of us. Now I have a great sex story to tell.

He knew the deal, he was going to do what I wanted and give me Sex Slave Stories and in the morning go home with good case of blue balls that jerking off would fix.

Michael likes being my plaything and got naked while I took out the handcuffs.

 He laid down on the bed and lifted his arms over his head so I could snap them on. I did it tight and he winced as the cold metal squeezed his wrists. I then stood at the end of the bed and he looked down at me as I took my clothes off and licked my fingers.

 Spreading my legs I pushed them into my pussy, rubbing them quickly a few times to get my clit all tingly. My nipples got pointy and I got on the bed, crawling towards him. I slid my hand up his body as I went and could feel him getting excited.

 His dick was hard and twitching in the air as my fingers went up his thigh and he did a low moan when he realized he wasn’t even getting a little touch.

I shushed him and gave him a kiss to make up for it, pushing my tongue past his lips and into his mouth. I rubbed and twisted it around his tongue and rubbed my body against his for a minute then stopped.

 Fluttering kisses over his cheek I then whispered in his ear that I wanted him to lick and suck my pussy. He groaned and I climbed onto his face. I lowered myself slowly, letting him get a good look at my pussy before it smothered him.

His breath was warm and I rubbed my pussy on his lips before sitting still. He tickled me as he stuck his tongue out and flicked it over my lips, making them slippery with spit. I moaned and rocked slowly on him as he kept going.

I ran my hands over tits, squeezing them and pinching my nipples as his tongue slipped inside. It slid over my walls, lapping at my juices and making my pussy ache. “Oh!” I said loudly, bouncing lightly as his tongue dove into me. “Yes! Oh… God.” I said and bit my lip as he went faster.

My pussy gushed and it flooded his mouth as his tongue wiggled in me. I put a hand over my pussy and pressed down as my clit throbbed.

The pressure made it feel so good and I kept my hand there as he slid his tongue up to my clit.

He swirled his tongue over it then lightly sucked as my thighs tensed up. I rubbed my pussy down on him and he nibbled on my clit, teasing me as my juices poured out of me. My body shook and I leaned forward as I did a mini orgasm. I cried out and nearly died as his tongue pressed down on my clit.

 I came hard and couldn’t breathe for a minute. When I eased up I saw his dick still hard and wondered how long I could ride it before he was pushed to the edge.

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