Sex slave stories by a true goddess

Are you worthy of my sex slave stories? Probably not but I’d share with you just to torture you. By the time I tell you all my dirty slave secrets you’ll be begging to be owned. Lets skip the stories and go straight for the owning. Why not? If your not scared surrender yourself to me and I’ll turn you into my personal sex slave. I hope your ready to throw those limits out the window. This dominatrix has no limits and neither will you after me. I just need you to give me complete control and submit to me entirely.I’m already thinking of the things I could force you into. Should I start with my strap on and force it into every one of your holes? You would be cute in a girly outfit while sucking on my strap on.

While your sucking on my strap on don’t forget to worship and thank your mistress for allowing you such pleasure. After your done with me I have some more people coming over you can worship. It’s a great time to explore that bisexual curiosity you have been think about. There are so many options who knows what I’ll choose to do to you. You need a goddess like Kelsey to own you. If your a good slave you might even make it into one of my sex slave stories. Stop thinking about it and just do it already! Get on your knees and make some beautiful blond goddess like me feel desired. All it takes is a phone call to my phone sex line and you can be owned.

Sex slave stories are a great for fantasy and masturbation but lets go beyond fantasy! I’m ready to own you. I wanna make you submissive pet. I’m ready to chain you and keep you for whatever I want, whenever I want. Think you can handle a little being a submissive fuck toy? Lets find out!

Kinky Kelsey