Sex Slave Stories are one of the hottest blogs on The Kinky Kingdom.  He knelt before me naked and begged for me to acknowledge him. Stephan knew his place and cherished any attention I would give him. Most of my sniveling submissive slaves have learned that my time is valuable. I’ve ingrained in their mindless brains – “This Is My World, I Just Let You Breathe In It” (Wicked LiL Laugh) My detailed Sex Slave Stories with blow your mind away.

I enjoyed keeping Stephan at my mercy. His hard chiseled body made my mouth salivate. I wanted him to please me with only his tongue, but he knew better. He didn’t dare look me in the eyes, as he knelt before me with his rock hard little cock wrapped in pretty black lace. Yes, his cock was only 4 and a half-inch and he was a waste of a man. He knew I would never give into my weakness. A Goddess such as myself would never allow him or any other little dick man touch me. SPH Small penis humiliation was all he would receive from me,

Stephan’s fully erect cock stood sadly at 4.5 inches. The Stilettos that had the privilege of carrying me all day were 6 inches, putting him to shame. To make matters worse (or better depending on your perspective) the stout stiff inches of his cock, strained against the sexy black lace. His breathing grew deeper, as I walked around him in circles. The clicking & clacking of my sexy high heels were driving him mad. I couldn’t resist torturing him some more, as I feathered my soft leather riding crop gently across his abs and chest.

Stephan watched as the leather slid down over his flesh. “What do you need Stephan, Use Your Words” I commanded. In a whimpering voice, he replied “Just touch me, I need you to touch me” He managed between quick breaths. Slowly my crop navigated down over the black lace, as I rubbed the soft leather against his throbbing member.

“Yesss, yes, yes, yes” Escaped his lip, as he blew his load in the black lace panties. He never said thank you. This would be a punishment my sex slave would never forget. Not even thinking twice, I drew back and with a snap of the wrist, a loud pop landed On Stephan’s shriveling cock. His entire body tensed up. My slave didn’t know whether to enjoy the pleasure or the pain.

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