Sex short stories are the hot little treat before your filling entree. The appetizer, more or less, to bring your taste buds to full attention before licking against great food. Every word that I type into my keyboard is meant to hook you into my clutches. That way you begin to develop the perfect sweet tooth that can only satisfied by one thing. A taste of beautiful, Chocolate. However, no Hershey’s bar will do when it comes to me and you will it? No, you need to be sure you have the real deal.

Sex Short Stories That Will Leave You Craving Chocolate!

You know right when you flip to one of my stories you are in need of my sensual satisfaction. It is as if the words jump right from the screen and begin to stroke your pecker, no matter how large it may be. You try to fight that feeling of needing me, try to satisfy yourself without me. Perhaps you even tried to fuck that wife that shares a bed with you. However, you can’t fight that feeling of unfilled sexual desire. You even return to my sex stories driving yourself wild, craving just the smallest taste.

You Can’t Fight It Anymore, You Need Me!

Than, with your credit card in hand you pick up the phone and dial my number. Your heart sinks into your stomach, adrinaline moving through your veins hearing my sensual voice on the other side. You are going to be a good boy and listen, answering every question I ask you. It is like you are my little puppet obeying every command I ask of you. Finally you are going to get to play with the Cocoa Goddess of your ultimate fantasy. A dream that will come true, and so perfectly just as soon as you pick up that phone.

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