Sex Sells Role Play~ What I Would Do To Earn That Commission!

Sex Sells Role Play~ What I Would Do To Earn That Commission! It isn’t tough being a lady salesperson in a truck dealership. The majority of the buyers are Men. They are happy to let me show them the vehicles. Especially when I wear short skirts and my buttons unreasonably undone. Sex Sells, so I use my body!

I know it is probably cheating but come on do you want a sexy little hot thing turning over that engine or some burly tobacco-chewing man? Of course, because it isn’t just the truck I am selling you it is the promise that you can have someone like me with it.

On the weekends I love to put my jean skirt and cowgirl boots on and have a good time out at the mud pit. I don’t mind drinking a beer with the boys and dancing to the music booming out of the sexy trucks I sold them. Yes, that is what I mean by Sex Sales.

Hello, there cowboy!

The other day the tides turned on me though. I saw a good ole boy coming through the door and sashayed right up to him. Hello there cowboy how can I help you today? Of course, I noticed him looking me up and down. We had some witty banter and I knew right then he was not going to be seduced into a quick sale. He was sexy and made those wranglers look edible.

It was very possible that the was selling me on some sex because my panties were getting wetter by the minute. His cologne was drifting over me as I leaned in to point out some of the disclosures on the form. I really wanted desperately to suck his cock right there in my office. However, the glass wall was strictly prohibiting that from happening.

My eyes caught his as they lifted from my tits. He could see the perfect mounds through my open blouse as I was leaned over. My eyes drifted down to his crotch and I ached to place my palm against him and rub.

You make this truck look sexy

Immediately I stood up and a bit breathless I suggested we take another test drive just to be sure he was truly in love with the ride. As we climbed inside I made a mental note of just how fucking sexy he looked behind the wheel. I have to admit this truck was made for you and that is no lie. You make this truck look sexy. I smiled and watched as his eyes slid to my opened thighs and my fingers laying so very close to my pussy.

It may be best if we try it out on a dirt road just to see how it handles. There was a wicked gleam of SEX in his eyes with the suggestion. Without hesitation, I agreed because I knew we were going to fuck.

GMC Sierra XCab z71

When he pulled that GMC Sierra XCab z71 over and stopped instantly I was all over him. I hiked my skirt up and straddled him right there behind the steering wheel. Kissing and grinding on him as if I was a starving woman. He was hungry too. His hands found my ass and rocked me back and forth against his hard cock.

Pulling away from his mouth I groaned. Oh Brad, I really want to suck your cock! He moved me off of him and pulled it out. I wrapped my hands around that huge clean dick and with my mouth watering for that curved delicious looking dick I began to lick and suck. It was a wet blow job and he fingered my pussy from behind as I sat with my ass up in the air and my face down on the seat beside him. Sex Sales and that blow job were definitely going to bring home the commission today!

He tried to stop me at one point as I was fucking him deep in my throat, fuck baby, he moaned your gonna make me cum. With my long hair pulled back he tried to lift me off his cock. Damn it darling, your gonna make me blow in your mouth.

All the way to his balls

I did not release him but sunk harder and deeper taking him all the way to his balls. His load burst into my throat and him so hard he had me gagging all over his cock. I raised up having swallowed most of his cum but a little slipped down my chin and wiped it up with my fingers. Looking at him with a mischievous grin on my face I licked it up.

What color would you like the truck, sir? As red as your pussy is going to be after I have pounded it for the rest of the day! He pushed his face in between my large tits.

Sex Sales and you don’t have to be a phone sex operator at the phone sex kingdom to know that!