Sex In All The Right Places!

It was my senior year in high school and that was precisely when my sexual appetite grew, my sexual deviance emerged and I made it a point to have sex in all the places I could think of.

Thankfully at the time, I was dating a guy who was just as sexually deviant as I was. Needless to say, there was never any times where we were left horny, for any period of time. We fucked in the car, in the boys/girls bathroom during class, under the bleachers… you name it, we fucked there! Shit, I can’t count how many times we fucked on his parent’s bed!

We weren’t the type of couple who spent much time with any formalities; we just got right to it. Of course when the time called for it, I always was eager to suck him off and swallow like a good girl. Naturally, he would do the same at every opportunity, he’d just dive in tongue first and lap up all of my juices…hmmm it felt so good. But, for the most part we would just fuck like rabbits everywhere we got the chance.

There was this one sexual escapade that still sticks out in my mind, after all of these years.

We were part of this class that gave us access to the school after hours and for the most part we took that responsibility very serious, until the day came when we realized that our principal had left his office door unlocked. Alone and horny, we decided that fucking on our principals desk would be the ultimate fuck spot. I mean think of those bragging rights, the thought of that alone was enough to get my pussy nice and wet.

Next thing I know, my pants and panties are at my ankles, I am on all fours on Mr. Swanson’s desk and my boy toy is fucking me from behind. I could feel my juices just run down my thigh and felt my perky tits rock back and forth. I was aroused of course, because I was getting plowed from behind by an 8 inch cock, but the thrill of getting caught was even hotter. Harder and harder we went; with every thrust he made, I pushed back even harder….so hard I could hear his big swollen balls smack my little clit and it was amazing.

Finally, in a burst of energy and ecstasy we both came, spewing our juices all over our principal’s desk. When my boy toy finally exited my sopping wet cunt, I could feel a gush of our sex juices rush out of pussy, right onto the desk….but that was only the beginning….my 17 year old stud could go on and on, even after he came.

Just then…..hmmmm wouldn’t you like to know?!?! Call me, enjoy some free phone sex and I will tell you the rest!

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