There’s No Sex Like Raunchy Makeup Sex!

There’s no sex like raunchy makeup sex! There are times in our relationship, I will pick a fight with you just so that we can have an unbelievable raunchy makeup sex session. There’s something about the way sex feels when our emotions are heightened and anger is coursing through our veins! Hmm everything feels so erotic and so intense, I just can’t get enough and as a result, I have learned precisely how to push those buttons of yours, in an effort to get you all fired up and ready to fuck my brains out!

The way we argue and fight with passion and intensity is exactly the way we fuck when we’re making up. The way you just grab me by my shoulders, slam me down on the bed, gets me so fucking hot I can’t even see straight. It gets me off watching you grit your teeth, as you manhandle me! The intensity of your eyes, the veins popping out of your arm and the sweat dripping off your forehead, is enough to get me to um right there on the spot. You know how much I love when you pull my hair and force me into submission, knowing that I have complete control at the same exact time.

I drive you crazy in love and crazy mad at the same exact time and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love to run my nails down your back until you bleed…..causing you to clench my hair even tighter!! Hmmm that contrast between pleasure and pain, both physical and emotional, is exactly the reason we’re the perfect and worst match ever!! We fuel each other’s passions and exploit our demons in every way imaginable. The kind of connection that perpetuates that steamy, sweaty, passionate lustful sex! Pure unadulterated FUCKING!

I love to grab your hair and force your face right in between my legs, choking you with my cunt and wrapping my long muscular legs around your head! I love being your dominatrix! Fueling that anger you have deep inside of you, knowing that it’s only a matter a time before I am choking on that long hard cock of yours. As you gasp for air, I can feel my body getting closer and closer to my climax…..finally, without any warning whatsoever, I blow my pussy juices all over your face!

It’s in that moment you violently grab my thighs, pull them apart too, an effort to grab me by my hair, pulling me up to your cock, where you immediately begin to fuck my face.

With every thrust, I can feel myself gagging and with no care or concern in the world, you continue on your quest to make me swallow that big loan of yours……and I LOVE it, being your cock sucking slave!

What happens next was something straight out of a kinky, raunchy porno!!! Call your naughty vixen and I will be glad to indulge that kinky mind of yours, while you masturbate to the rest of this makeup sex session! There’s also nothing like amazing phone sex, cum and get it!

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