sex positions- show me positions that will make me squirt!

Sex positions- I am so willing to learn new positions that will make me cum harder. I am very flexible, thanks to Yoga and working out. I think those are part of the reasons I am so horny all of the time! I’m constantly doing my kegels, strengthening my pelvic floor muscles to improve my next sex encounter. I love being you’re dirty nasty ready for sex anytime sexy whore.

Right now, my favorite sex position is the reverse cowgirl. I like to sit facing your feet, slide that rock hard cock into my pussy. I love when a guy slaps my ass and hangs on as I ride your dick hard. Moving it in and out into my wet tight cunt. I will arch my back to get it in even deeper. Grab my hair and pull me closer.

The Kamasutra is a great place to study and practice new positions. There are lots of different positions they describe that are awesome to try. I want to get really creative with you. You can take control with my body.

Tell me what to do. You know you love it.

Take me Doggy Style with my head down on the pillow, ass in the air. Bang me so hard that the bed shakes! I can take a good strong fuck. I work out hard so you can use this bod however you want. Just so we both have extreme orgasms, I am good.

Let’s try fucking butter churner style- have you tried that? Or let’s pretzel, spider, standing wheelbarrow! I bet you can make me squirt when you enter me in different ways.

Whatever we do we will only get better at our skills and fucking will get better and better!

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