Sex Positions: I love them all but I have a favorite!!

There are so many different Sex Positions. I love to be fucked in all different ways. Honestly, I love riding a big hard cock. Feeling it slide into my pussy and have all the control. There’s just something about my tits bouncing up and down in your face while I’m riding your cock fast and hard until you explode, of course. Before I get on top I usually like to start off with guided masturbation. I listen to what you like and if you love big tits, I will have no hesitation to hop on top! If you’re an ass man I’d love to let you smack this ass while you pound my pussy doggy style.

I’m such a pleaser and love to use my body to please you. I’ve done some very wild sex positions!  The craziest sex position I’ve ever been put in was the pretzel! I was laying flat on my back with my two legs crossed being held up to my chest. He slid his cock slowly into my tight wet pussy. I could feel it so much more in this position. When he put the tip in I felt like it was the whole thing. When every inch was in my pussy it felt like heaven. My g-spot was automatically being stimulated.

Even when I’m having phonesex I like to put my ass in the air and slide my dildo into my pussy like that. I love for it to feel as real as possible. I love fy moans to really sound like you were sliding deep inside of me. As you can see I liked to be fucked. Any time of the day, all I’m waiting on is for you to cum and play 😉

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke