Sex Positions are everything! Some men will settle for the “dead flounder” position – It’s the BORING missionary position. Wifey on lying on her back, being a dead flounder waiting for sex to be over.  (Wicked LiL Laugh) You know what I mean.  We then have the “over enthusiast.”  The man who has watched every porno and reenact every positions. No! Do not learn your sex positions from a porno – it’s all fake!

Here are a few sex positions I find most enjoyable.

The Lotus Blossom
This position is just as intimate as spooning—maybe even better! Have my guy sit with his legs crossed. Horny as anything, I climb up on top, facing him as my legs are wrapped around his torso. In this position, I am able to control the motions and hit every pleasure spot. Yes, please!  You know how much I love to be in control

The Dirty Dancer
When I’m feeling extra frisky, this move is great for public places—or anywhere really. Sexy high heels and a short little skirts provides easier (and somewhat discreet) access. Meow – love an easy wham bam! I have my guy lean against a wall and face him as I press my body against his. Slowly he can hold up one of my legs to maintain a good angle while my other leg can stand on the ground between his legs for balance. Yes, You do need a sizable  cock.  LOL don’t humiliate yourself if you are pulling 3 inches.  Slow and steady – start rocking, and viola mutual orgasm is imminent.

The X
Once again another one that enables me to have complete control of the cock I am fucking. Any chair will work to get into this wild position. Sit yourself  down in the chair, lean back, stretch your his legs out and enjoy the ride.  Slowly I get on top facing you, as I stretch out my legs and have you hold onto my arms for support. Talk about up close and personal, right?

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