Sex position practice with my sexy Physical Education teacher was the only thing that would solve the little problem. It was my last year of high school and I was going to fail P.E. It was not that I wasn’t any good at sports either. After all, I had plenty of energy and the ability to succeed at any of those. However, my poor grades were due to me never attending class, because there were other important things to do. Lucky for me, Coach had caught me behind the bleachers more times than I could count. So, when the only thing that stood in the way of me and my graduation was one finally gym credit I should not have been surprised. However, I was.

Sex Position Practice For My Physical Education Class

I started him off with a little bit of cock sucking. When he pulled out his big 9-inch cock I was blown away by how huge he was. He was really a big guy. Excited I slurped down every last inch of his throbbing hard dick. Groaning, he placed his hand on the back of my head enjoying every second that I gave him a tight, wet, to the back of my throat blow job. However, that was not a sex position practice at all. I needed to feel more of him in every way that he needed to give me.

So the two of us made our way to the empty gym so that I could show him one of my personal favorites, “The Stairway to Heaven”. Bouncing up and down his fuckstick he knew exactly why it was named that way. After all, my tight teen pussy is the perfect vision for any man to consider Heaven. Especially a physical education teacher. I used that handrail like a pro to provide the perfect leverage to ride up and down every last inch of him as well. However, we were not done yet.

That is where my friend “Cowgirl” comes to play. She is good in missionary or if you are looking to get extra kinky in reverse. However, when it came to showing off with Coach I needed to ride his face on. Across the steel locker room bench, he laid as thrust up his shaft. Whimpers left my lips as I leaned forward onto his chest his hands guiding my thighs. I could feel him throbbing inside of me because my cunt was so swollen.


“However, we were not done yet.”

We composed ourselves since it was hard to hide both the excitement from these sex position changes and each other. Again I ground his woody between my cheeks. However, this time it was my beautiful bubble butt cheeks. As he lifted on my thigh and I arched my back my ass cheeks lifted to the tip of his cock. Again heavy whimpers left my lips as he covered them this time with his hand. Suddenly, a thought crossed silently across my mind. I can’t believe I am going to let my Gym teacher fuck me in the ass. That is exactly what he did too.

Then, as he slid inside of my tight teen ass hole he could not take it anymore. My anal cavity was stuffed full of every last drop of his physical education teacher load. However, he was not done yet. There was one more sex position I needed him to take to get my great grade. That would be covering his face in my pussy juices as he dives between my legs. And dive he did. Finally, after I soaked him down he promised to give me not only a passing grade but the A+ I deserved.

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