Pool sex wasn’t even on my mind, or was it?

So I went for a swim today, it was so hot out and I need to relax. No one was home and so I thought why not swim in nothing. I love to be naked. The feeling of being free no one around nothing on it is fucking awesome. I relaxed and floated for awhile so I could get a full suntan, but then I started to feel a little naughty.It must have been the feel of the cool water flowing all over my body, to feel it move in between me legs, over my perfect nipples. The sensation is almost as good as sex, and when you hot and horny, well a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I was swimming for about half an hour when I heard someone calling from the front gate. Oh shit what do I do, I didn’t bring my clothes out, just my towel. Should I answer or just stay still and pretend to not be home?

Then my gate opened it was my brothers best friend, what the hell. I quickly jumped out of the pool and grabbed my towel, just as he saw me. I asked why he was here, he said to see my brother, but he knew he was away at school. Jason grew up next door to us and he and my brother were best friends since they could walk. So I asked him again why was he at my house, he smirked and said he saw me out his bedroom window in the pool. Oh shit he saw me naked, as I was trying to wrap my head around him watching me, he asked if he could join me. He removed my towel,  began to rub my tits, and then pushed me in the pool. He removed his clothes and jumped in. My body was on fire, I have always dreamed of fucking him, but was never allowed. He was the forbidden man in my life. I was wet, horny, hot and ready for him.

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