Nothing is Better Than Young Hot BBC!

When I walked into the Halloween Masquerade Sex Party he is the first person that caught my eye. Tall, muscular, and skin like dark chocolate, I knew I had to have him. For a sexy MILF like me, there’s nothing better than young hot BCC and I deserve the best. We kept locking eyes throughout the party and flirting from a distance until I made my move. He was talking to another twenty-something but I walked right up and in between them. She tried to say something but we both ignored her until she walked away. Maybe she wanted a hot public threesome, but one look at my sexy little body and he was all mine. I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted his young hot BBC. 

Let’s Start This Sex Party

Young hot BBC always make my panties drop and I couldn’t wait anymore. While wearing our masquerade masks we started kissing sensually. I bit lightly on his bottom lip and he grabbed my ass and pulled me close to him. His huge stiff cock pressed against my tiny pussy and I nearly gushed right there. I reached down and grabbed his huge bulge, gripping it. His cock grew in my hand as we continued to kiss deeply. It was time to get this sex party started! 

I’m not one to hold back, so I began unzipping his pants in the middle of the party and pulled out his massive black cock. I stroked the shaft gently and teased the tip with my thumb. His young hot BBC oozed of pre-cum. I ran circles over the tip until my thumb was wet and sticky. Then I finally broke away from his lips and put my thumb in my mouth tasting his sweet cum. He tasted so good I wanted more, so much more. 

On My Knees

Dropping to my knees, I could feel all eyes on me, including my young stud. I pulled his pants to the floor and gripped his hot rod guiding it in my mouth. I started slowly and sensually then little by little pushed it deeper down my throat each time. My young stud and I locked eyes as I went so deep down his thick shaft I gagged on it. He grabbed my blonde hair and thrust his cock in my mouth deeper than I thought possible. 

My young stud face fucked me with his young hot BBC while the rest of the party watched, enjoying the sexy show. I put my hand up my dress, rubbed my wet clit, and came quickly moaning with my mouth around his big black cock.

He didn’t stop fucking my pretty little mouth until he released his massive load down my throat. I swallowed it down like a good MILF but my black stallion was just getting started. He was still stiff as a rock and wanted my pussy and ass now. I dropped my panties and let him have whatever he wanted to take. 


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