I know the word SEX-orcist brings to mind all things evil, right?  Well, not this time, Baby! I’m about to tell you a tale that will wrinkle your school clothes, make your dick twitch, then leave you DRIPPING WET!  What I offer will do ANYTHING, except send you running to church!  Oh, I may leave you begging for absolution, but you won’t want GOD involved. LOL.  PLUS, you’d beg the devil himself for MORE of me…so, why bother?

At this time of year, I NEVER have a steady boyfriend.  It can becum a dicey situation nearer to Halloween, right? So, I take them on a case-by-case basis until after the spooky festivities pass.  And by case-by-case, I mean…one man at a time too.  I don’t care much for splitting my attentions when I’m breaking a spirit. LOL.  To TRULY drain a man of his demons and replace them with my SEXY GOODNESS takes a lot out of me.

I need to place myself in a state of Grace.  NO!  Not that kind of Grace…I’m NOT a savage. Giggle.  I mean to say, I get out the implements of the SEX-orcism and place them near my bed.  I’m a sex-orcist and dildos, lube, CBT stuff and the rest of my gear is essential to the ritual, and then, there’s me!   I mount my man, then I bring every nasty little thing out of him.  I suck him WITH the jaws of life God gave me for such missions of eXXXstacy!

When I finish, BELIEVE ME…he’s cleansed of everything fucked up in his life and he’s ready to face the challenges of another day, a bitchy wife, a shitty career.  I cure it all when I’m needed!

Need to have YOUR spirit broken tonight?


I speak…for the weak!