Sex, I love it. I don’t like being tied down to any one person.  Boyfriends can get possessive and keep me from having all the fun I want.   I do, however loooove dates.  I don’t want just a dinner and a movie.  I want something unique, exciting and hopefully sexual.  I had an absolutely amazing date this Saturday.  A guy I’d seen a couple times before invited me out on his boat.   He was older, rich and had a large beautiful cock so of course I said yes.   It was a fun afternoon of cruising around and splashing about in the water, and then when it got dark we headed back to his boat slip. That’s when things got more interesting. He had me sit next to him with the guise of teaching me how to drive the boat.  As I leaned in and pushed my still wet body against him, I saw something in his swim trunks start to grow.  I couldn’t help myself.   I just had to grab onto that big throbbing cock and start to work it.  I rubbed it in my hand and started sucking it.  I heard him moaning with pleasure, but I wanted more. I wrapped my legs around him, pulled the crotch of my bikini out of the way and sat down on that rock hard cock.  While he was steering the boat, I was riding him!  Out in the open on the middle of the lake, underneath the clear starry sky, I was cuming hard.  I grabbed onto his neck with my teeth to keep from screaming out (sound can certainly travel over water).  The way he exploded inside of me, I could tell he’d been thinking of doing this all day long.   I washed his hot, sticking cum off of my pussy by hanging off a ladder at the boy of the boat and stick my ass in the water.  We then road the rest of the way back to the dock enjoying the perfect night sky.

Wanna hear more about some fantastically erotic night’s I’ve had?  Give me a call! I’m full of stories