I wanted to Have Sex With Him

I really needed some extra money to pay down some bills and I mentioned this to a neighbor of mine.She works in a law firm, and she said they were looking for some help so she put in a good word for me.I got hired on for the summer. It was going great, the extra income really helped and the staff was pretty nice as well. There was this young guy fresh out of law school there . He was really trying to get asked on full time and he was always putting in extra hours. Last one to leave and I really thought he was cute.I would love to have sex with him.

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I thought maybe if I stayed late on the same nights he did I might have a shot .Well, I was right.  I knew he was going to be staying late this one night. And I decided I was going to make my move when we were alone. We ordered a pizza and had it at his desk before putting in a couple more hours of work before going home. We talked as we ate and I found out he had no girlfriend, no one was “taking care” of him. So he might be easier to get to play than I thought. If he was lonely and horny and hadn’t had sex in a while.

I Wanted To Touch Him

After we finished eating, I got up and went behind his chair. And I said he looked tired and stressed and maybe a neck rub might help, and it did. He relaxed as my hands worked his muscles and I soon had my hands moving downwards over his chest.I started kissing his neck. He certainly didn’t stop me and I started to unbutton his shirt and loosen his tie and I straddled him in his chair. I could feel his hard cock straining against his pants. And he reached down and let it out and what a nice sized cock it was!

I Straddled Him And Enjoyed The Ride

I pulled up my skirt and pulled the crotch of my panties to the side. And then  I sank down on that throbbing shaft and began to grind against him and ride up and down . His hands guided my hips and I could feel how wet I was and how much his young dick filled me up. I hadn’t planned on any office sex when I got up this morning. But it seemed this was the way the day was playing out, and I wasn’t disappointed one bit. I’d wanted this young stud for weeks now and was happy to finally be able to get him.

I’ve had office sex before with some other boyfriends in the past I came to visit during the lunch hour. And that was fun, but since this young guy and I were alone, I knew no one could hear us. Or even know we were still in the building. It was hot. After we fucked, he pulled me up onto his desk in front of him and he licked his cum out of my pussy . He sat leaning forward in his chair and I had my feet on the arm rests. He was good at licking pussy, that’s for sure. I love having sex and try to play as much as I can, but this office sex was particularly hot and I hope to play with him again before my summer job here is over.

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