Have you ever looked at a sex offender registry?

After spending the weekend watching more Investigation Discovery shows than one person should in a lifetime, I couldn’t resist looking up my local sex offender registry. I spent the next few hours scrolling through pictures of my deviant neighbors.

While reading through rap sheets explaining how each offender had “corrupted a minor,” I found my fingers starting to slip under my panties. I wanted to corrupt a minor. And there are so many ways! Let’s explore the taboo possibilities during an accomplice phonesex call.

First, that little slut needs liquored up. That will make her pliable, easier to control. Then again, if booze isn’t enough to get her to shut up we can always use something harder. Quaaludes? Chloroform? It makes no difference to me as long as we make her our fuck toy.

As I stroked my swelling clit, I imagined myself as the “victim” instead. I imagined my tight, jail bait pussy getting wet as one of these men forced himself inside my juicy teenage slit. The louder I cried “no,” the harder his massive cock grew inside me.

Age play phone sex turns me on. I love playing the baby whore bait of your “sickest” rape fantasies. No role play is too twisted for me, no sadism too brutal.

Better yet, I’ll play the vigilante justice agent cum to put you in your place for your sexually criminal fantasies. Women rape, too. And I’d love to rape your cock while licking up your tears. When I’m done with you, you’re going to be the one who can’t step outside their house or sleep at night, bitch!

I love phone sex because it lets me (and you) act out all that “sick” shit that would otherwise (or maybe already has) added my/your name to the sex offender registry list. Don’t you??

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke