So, Excuse Me, Sir… Do You Belong On The Sex Offender Registry?

Don’t fool yourself, we both know that you know if you do or not. The Sex Offender Registry is for those of you that are quite fucked up and like to think about all of the super duper naughty things that they would do to those hot young girls.

Are you having issues admitting it to yourself? So, that you are such a dirty old perv! Thinking about all of the pretty and young girls you know you aren’t supposed to lay your hands on!

Let me help you with that!!!

I know that you need a legal outlet! Something to soothe those pedophile tendencies that you have been fighting with for so long. Do you need some assistance with your problems?

Come let me show you the path to your freedom. Something that you need more than anything, to explore your naughty side. Although let’s delve into what you have been wanting and needing for so long you push it aside because it so wrong and it’s even illegal.

So, Allow me to take you on a journey through what it is that you truly desire to give you everything you have ever wanted in a totally legal safe way.

I know you are worried about the true you. About what is going to happen and what people are going to think.

Pick up your phone and allow me to take you on the journey to your mental freedom. Showing you exactly what it is that you need and so much more.

Wait until you hear my sweet young cotton candy voice radiating through the phone making your pedo boner throb!

Seems like you should quit stalling and let me give you what you need!

Finally!!! PEDO FREEDOM!!!!

Let’s play dude!!!


Age Play Phone Sex!