Sex, my husband traded to his boss for a promotion and he got it.

I was dumb enough to think that it was a onetime thing. The morning after Mr. K. accepted me as a gift from my husband I was ready to leave. I told my husband, although I complied I never wanted to feel that ashamed and used again. He knew I had nowhere to go and no money of my own to live on. I had been his wife and worked hard at building his career and home. I had nothing else.

He acted as if everything was great and expected no changes in our home or relationship, but I hated him for how he used me. When he came to our bed I had no emotion and just went through the motions. I did not want him, and he knew it.

After a few weeks of my giving him cold responses, he finally mentioned what happened for the first time. “I saw you with Mr. K and how excited he made you. I witnessed how hard you cum for him, so I guess I can’t do it for you no more.” he said with pain in his voice. “Yes, I no longer want you! As badly as I hated both of you that night, I must admit Mr. K knew how to make my body respond even when I didn’t want to. I hated him for making such a barbaric deal with you but it was you who I was hurt by!” He left for work and I knew it was only a matter of time, something had to change I was miserable and lost.

Mr. K stood there tall, dark and handsome!

I was dressed for the day in black slacks and white silk blouse taking pride in how I looked even on days when I didn’t leave the house. Just as I finished dressing the doorbell rang. Believing my husband had left without his keys, I opened the door without thought.

Mr. K, stood there tall dark and handsome. He smiled and immediately started in the door gently but firmly pushing his way inside. “Mr. K what are you doing here”, I stammered.

He slipped his hands to my waist and started pulling me into him. “Mr. K my husband just left for work. Please sir, you have to stop this.” “No, Simone I don’t. I want you and I have been thinking a lot about you. Your husband gave you to me.” He leaned in and smelled my hair. “No that was a onetime event.” He promised me, I said pushing against him. “Simone, it is over when I say it is, and for now you are mine. Get down on your knees and show me your mine.” He pushed me to my knees. In that moment I hated my husband, but I knew he was right, I was turned on by Mr. K. I slipped to my knees and undid his pants.

His authority turned me on!

As I pulled his dick into my mouth he slipped his hands around my breasts and squeezed and no sooner than I had started he pulled me to my feet and ordered me to undress. His authority turned me on even more and I quickly did as he told me. I stood before him in just my pink lace thong. He sat down on the bench in my foyer and pulled me onto his lap. He buried his face into my breast and fondled them then suddenly he lifted my ass, slipped one finger into my panties and sat me down onto his hard dick. Its hard length and girth stretched my pussy and I soaked him instantly it felt so good.

He allowed me to ride him until I had finished my orgasm then he lifted me off him and told me to lead him to my bedroom he wanted to fuck me on the bed I shared with my husband. I wanted that too! I climbed into the bed on all fours and he grabbed my ass and pulled it high, he said, “I am going to fuck your perfect little asshole.” He placed two fingers in my cum soaked pussy ripped my panties off and then slid those pussy juices up over my asshole. When he had it really wet he slid his large cock deep inside my tight ass! I screamed and moaned at the same time. Leaning back against him, needing his cock deeper, i begged for more.

I begged for more!

“Simone turn over and raise your knees to your chest”, he said in a deep growl! I did as instructed and was shocked when he thrusted deep inside my ass again, I had thought he was going to take my pussy! “Your ass is so good, baby I am going to cum in it! he panted as he thrusted faster and harder. He looked down at me and said, “from now if I call, you will come to me and do whatever I say, my fuck doll now aren’t you?” With that said, he slapped me across my face and cum so hard he growled and pounded my ass even harder filling it full of his hot thick cum!

Do you want to know what Mr. K makes me do next? Why wait to find out, call me now.

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