Sex in the morning

Sex is best in the morning. I think it’s because we are waking up in each other’s arms.  The soft smooth sheets feel so good against my naked body. The smell of you in the morning turns me on. You can feel my warm breath against your neck, as I move my leg over yours. You can feel my wet pussy against your thigh. I run my fingers down your chest.

I circle your nipples and then slide my hands down lower, feeling your hardening cock. Then I start to stroke it. You tell me to crawl up on you and let you eat my pussy. I am happy to get up there, smashing my pussy against your lips. Feel how moist I am for you, Baby.I feel your tongue exploring my pussy lips. I reach down and start to stroke your cock. I stretch to put it into my mouth. mmm, I don’t ever want to leave this bed! Let’s play hooky and fuck and suck all day!

I’m begging you to fuck me. I need that thick hard cock inside of me. I get up on top of you and start to tease my clit with the swollen head. Then I slowly ease it into my wet pussy.

Baby I need that rock hard cock deep inside of my tight wet pussy. Try phone sex free on our site.

I move up and down on it, We are looking intently at each other, anticipating our intense orgasms. I move up and down, occasionally squeezing down on your cock. Then I arched my back. I tell you I want your load deep inside of me. Faster, harder as the sun is rising. YES YES YES I cum hard. Then, when you feel my pussy get soaked, you ejaculate into me. hell yeah!

We still have time to lay in each other’s arms a little longer before we both have to leave for work.