How to have sex with mommy’s mouth

How to have sex is important. You can use all types of methods. The funny thing is, usually it’s mommies who comes into thier son’s rooms with warm milk, but I’m a special type of mommy who takes her son’s ‘special’ milk instead. I noticed how hard your little peepee was at bathtime when you splashed mommy’s titties and I just had to do something. It’s not healthy for your milk to stay bottled up inside you all night and, honestly, mommy always loves drinking it anyway.

Milk is good for us mommies, too!

Milk from cows might help the bones of growing girls and boys, but the milk that comes out of you does so much more for mommy than you realize. Not only is it delicious, but it’s full of protene. I could drink it all day if I didn’t think your father would catch us. What would he say if he walked in right now and saw my lips wrapped tightly around you, sucking with all of my might until you release your lovely little milkshake into mommy’s mouth? I bet he’d have some questions. That’s why it’s so important that you keep this between you and mommy, okay?

If anyone finds out, we’ll have to stop!

You like the way mommy feels, right? You like how mommy drags her tongue up and down your hairless shaft and works you hard and fast until you can’t take it anymore, right? Well, I can only do it if it remains our little secret. No one can know what mommy does to you, unless mommy says it’s okay. Who knows. Maybe, if you’re a good boy, mommy will share your milk with other mommies who have the same secret with their sons. I’d love to use my tongue to fight over your little pecker with another mommy. I wonder who’d win and get the yummy milk.

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