Sex machine? My Handy Boy Toy Tries A Bit of Tinkering

Sex machine always stays hard and never gets tired! Dear Pervs! What a wild couple of weeks I’ve had! Too busy to write any of my stories down. But man, have I got a story for you…

For a few months, Dan has been telling me he has a surprise, but I have to wait…

Like everyone, I love and HATE surprises. Sometimes I’d try to get him to just tell me, then as soon as he’d get close I’d get nervous and say no, no… don’t tell me! I want to be surprised. Typical woman!

Dan is an engineer and loves mixing sex with mechanics.


His workshop is the most erotic space in his loft. He has erotic art up on the walls and keeps all of his tools clean and organized. You can definitely tell that building is a sensual experience for him. He made me a pair of nipple clamps once and a little vibrator for my purse, which has come in handy many, many times.


So, last week he tells me my surprise is finally ready.


He asks me to wear something really sexy and make sure I’m wearing some hot lingerie. Of course, I do, not really knowing what he has planned. As I’m on my way to his place, my mind is racing wondering what he has planned. I know Dan loves sex, and he’s always fashioning some new thing to do, some new way for our bodies to fit together. But when I arrived, I was a little bit nervous about what he had planned, because this time it seemed big.


And it was big.


In fact, when I walked into his workshop, I thought he had built me a motorcycle (something that, believe it or not, I DON’T want). I was getting a little nervous in fact. I clench my hand in a fist behind my back to hide my nervousness. Dan takes the sheet covering his creation and slowly pulls it back, uncovering a hydraulic fuck machine.

“WHAT?!” I am shaking. He even used the dildo I wanted as my new thick fuck stick.

“I’ve been fantasizing about seeing you on one of these for a year, and there weren’t any that matched my vision…so I figured, hey, I can make one myself.” I let my hand travel over the chrome contours, the leather seat and that realistic-feeling cock.

“Well, my Dan. You’ve outdone yourself.”
“Don’t say that until you try it,” he said, undressing me.


Dan sits me down in the seat and puts my legs up high and open in the leather stirrups.


He gets between my legs and starts gently teasing me, flicking my clit with his tongue, making out with my pussy until I’m squirming and wet. He asks me if I’m ready to get fucked by his machine, and I say yes. Then he takes the big, thick 8-inch cock and guides it into my pussy, then he turns the machine on. He controls the speed and it fucks me in long, slow strokes at first. It stops. He modified the dildo to not only simulate a cock flexing inside me, but he could modify the curve for my g-spot! I’m strapped in and restrained and he’s doing everything I like, I can feel my juices dripping onto the floor.


Dan is watching the machine fuck me and how much I’m enjoying it and he’s stroking. The machine starts to fuck me faster. It feels so good that I’ve totally lost myself when I feel Dan’s hands caressing my tits, rolling my nipples between his fingers while he strokes himself. He slows the machine down and moves a few parts around so he can get between my legs. The sex machine is slowly grinding into my pussy and I feel Dan’s cock pushing into my tight asshole. The pleasure is overwhelming, I can’t believe that I’m getting my holes filled by a man and a machine! I explode an incredible orgasm over them both and they both keep pumping me relentlessly. Dan lets his seed go deep into my ass before he turns the sex machine off, slowly and helps me out. I’ve cum so hard my knees are weak. 


What a surprise! I always wondered what those fuck machines were all about – I guess having a horny mad scientist as a fuck buddy was a good idea!


You see, my perverts, I’m always willing to try something new. Got a fantasy you think is too weird? Try me. What’s the harm? It’s just some totally innocent, kinky fantasy phone sex, after all…