Sex Kitten Transformation – Make Me Purr

She stalks at night, and no one even suspects. Watching through the windows of couples as they make love. Her purrs make her seem so real. As Blair heads home, walking on all fours, the bright full moon shines down on her. Blair’s fur begins to shrink back while her tail and ears shrink into a memory. Her naked body would attract anyone to stare if only she didn’t have a hidden bag of clothes ready for her. Blair is known to be a kinky woman, but no one expected her to have a sex kitten transformation curse. However, she always wore black and a choker with a bell and would purr occasionally, no one ever realized until she had a moment with her boss. To explain, let’s go back to just yesterday. Poor kitty had no idea what would happen next.

Sexy Kitten Transformation – First Cums Flirting

A year into Blair’s job, There was a switch in management. Her new boss, Bret, was 6 feet tall and built. His chiseled look and dominant demeanor made Blair’s tail flicker from under her skirt or dress. She always knew her sex kitten transformation would be the death of her, but not like this! The way he caressed my back when he would peer over me to look at my work, his sexy winks and side smirks. They all left this poor kitty with thoughts of her new boss pinning her to the wall and demanding a purr from her as his hand slipped up between her thighs. Blair pinches her knees together as the thoughts flood in at her desk. Brett placed his hand on Blair’s back as he leaned in to speak.
“What kind of work are we working on over here?”
A scared Blair jumped and squealed as her cat ears popped out before her boss. Awkwardly, they stared at each other.

A Sexy Transformation- Oops!

Blair watched for what seemed to be a lifetime as Brett’s eyes went from her ears to her face. Her lips parted to speak but shut when she saw a smirk on Brett’s lips. Grabbing her arm, Brett leads her into his office. The one-way window always made Blair’s pussy drip, but currently, the only thing on her mind is if he knows about her sex kitten transformation. His words sounded muffled as Brett spoke about daydreaming in the office. I know he sees them, so why is he acting like this? Blair returned to earth when she felt Brett’s warm hand gripping her wrist as the other squeezed her cheeks together. “Are you listening!? Little kitten?” His words were stern and sexy, making Blair squirm as her whiskers appeared.
Brett chuckled with glee gripping his dick.

Sex Kitten Transformation – Purrfection

Seeing how fat and long Brett’s cock was made the pretty kitty start to purr as her tail flicked out of her mini skirt. “Oh, would the sexy kitten like to see the boss’s big fat cock?” Blair nodded her head like a cock submissive kitsune ready to suck. Now, on all fours, Blair’s sex transformation begins to hit. Her fur begins to cover her body as her tits start to grow. Brett leans down as he grabs Blair by the neck and pins her to the wall. “What are you!?” He asked as he twisted her growing nipples. Squirming, Blair begins to tell him as she takes the form of a hentai furry kitty. “I’m a sex kitten. I can turn into any style of cat that satisfies my master.” Her quivering words and wet pussy prove to him that she needs a master.

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